Saturday, June 4, 2011

First post!

Welcome to my blog!

In planning my own wedding, I discovered the inevitable joy and frustration of putting together a wedding. Although western culture has idolized weddings, causing the celebrity wedding phenomenon and the trend of summer wedding movies, these examples do not accurately represent the tough choices, time crunches, and creativity that surround wedding planning.

When met with the many different problems that arose in the planning of my wedding, I found that there were few to no genuine sources for help solving real-life planning issues or getting helpful advice. This blog is dedicated to providing advice on realistic wedding problems and answering any questions from brides, grooms, guests, or those of us who simply love weddings.

My philosophy is simple: your wedding is your wedding. Your primary concern in planning should be having the wedding that you desire. It could be the large elegant church wedding you've always dreamed of, the casual outdoor ceremony, or the simplistic marriage at city hall. Wedding planning is bound to be stressful at some point, but it should also be invigorating and fun. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Well said! Here's hoping your upcoming wedding will be just the wedding you have envisioned. We will be thinking of you...

    (artfully graced)