Saturday, June 11, 2011

White Wedding Dress

Of course one of the first images that comes to mind when thinking of a wedding is the bride in a white dress. The white wedding dress is iconic – a universal archetype of purity, beauty, and joy. Although the white wedding dress has developed many connotations over the past century, the tradition actually originated due to a fashion choice. When Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert in 1840, she requested that her dress be white in order to match some white lace that she wanted to incorporate into her ensemble.

Since then, the white wedding dress has been associated with certain expectations, including abstinence until marriage or this being the first marriage of the couple. Some brides live by these rules, and wear a wedding dress as a symbol of their purity or virginity. However, it is the choice of the bride whether or not she would like to wear a white wedding dress.

And why shouldn’t you? Unless you strongly believe in the orthodox customs, why should you not seize the opportunity to participate in one of the most popular wedding traditions?

If you choose to not wear white dress, there are so many more options! Ivory dresses have become an easy alternative to crisp white dresses, offering a variety of options for brides. Ivory dresses can be elegant or simple, and are available in many different dress choices to suit a wide variety of brides and weddings.

Although white is undoubtedly the most common dress color in western culture, brides should not feel pressured to follow normal traditions if they don’t want to. A wedding dress can be any color you like; however, due to the high demand for white/off-white and ivory dresses, alternate color palettes for the bride may be harder to find. Stores like David's Bridal have many dresses that incorporate in different colors through sashes, detailing, and accents, but brides may have to check out “Special Occasion” dresses for full-color options.

Bottom line: Traditions or not, wear what you want. White and ivory dresses are available in many stores due to the high demand, but brides should not feel pressured to follow orthodox standards. You should feel beautiful, comfortable, and happy above all else.

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