Sunday, July 24, 2011

Honeymoon Pt. 1: Where Should We Go?

One of the most exciting parts of getting married is the following vacation with your new spouse, otherwise known as the honeymoon. The honeymoon is not only an opportunity to relax and spend time with your new husband or wife, but it is also a great chance to take an undoubtedly much-needed vacation and explore an area of the world where you would like to visit. So one of the first things that you should ask yourself and your fiancé is: Where should we go?

There are a couple of things to consider when deciding on where to honeymoon. These include: your budget, your favorite hobbies and activities, the amount of time that you can spend away, and where you and your soon-to-be spouse would like to visit.

Honeymoon expenses include hotels, airfare/travel, food, activities (tours, snorkeling, renting equipment, etc.), and shopping. Before settling on a honeymoon location, consider if you might be spending half of your budget on plane fare alone. The amount of money you have to spend on a honeymoon may influence your destination, but does not have to effect the enjoyment or luxury of your vacation. There are many ways of getting around on a budget, which will be detailed in a future “I Do” Guru post (coming soon!).

So what do you like to do? If you and your fiancé are beach bums, then you should consider somewhere with nice beaches to lounge by the sea all day. If you enjoy adventure and physical activities, it may suit you to choose a place with great hiking, biking, kayaking, etc. If you want to tour museums and enjoy another culture’s history, then you may like to visit a metropolis instead of an island or getaway location. You may have always fantasized about lying on the beach on a remote island, but could you do it everyday for a week?

For newlyweds who have to take time off of work to honeymoon, or who have kids at home, the amount of time for travel may be limited due to at-home responsibilities. If you can only take a long 4-day weekend off of work, then you may want to consider a closer location (within your country of residence or nearby). This will save time on travel, giving you extra time to enjoy yourselves. If you plan on taking a longer honeymoon, for a couple of weeks or more than a month, then make sure that there are enough available activities to enjoy over that timespan.

Not only is a honeymoon a chance for you to spend some time with your new spouse, but it’s a vacation! You are expected to take time off, so why not use it to your advantage and visit a place where you’ve always wanted to go? Have you dreamed of walking to the top of the Eiffel Tower, or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef? Here’s your chance! Take your husband or wife on your dream vacation, and let them be there to experience your travel fantasy.

Bottom Line: There are many variables that come into play when deciding on where to travel for your honeymoon. Every couple will get something different out of every location. Talk to your fiancé and figure out how much time and money you have to spend, and what locations sound appealing to you. Because you are expected to take time off together, it is a great opportunity to visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Regardless of budget or time available, you are guaranteed to have a good time.

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