Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Weddings

With 2011 taking its final bow, it’s time to celebrate this year’s marriages – from the dress shopping, to the pre-wedding jitters, to the embarrassing toasts, to the love and support of friends and family. Here’s a shout-out to 2011’s brides and grooms, who made it through the stress and chaos of planning on wedding so they could ring in the new year with their new hubbies and wifeys.

Ilsa Chapple & Matthew Gabriel
Ilsa & Matt
         Ilsa and Matt married on September 5th in Seattle, and I had the pleasure of attending their wedding. This couple is a true example of partnership and support, since they recently moved to Georgia together and they plan on moving to Germany! To see their relationship blossom while Ilsa and I worked together at Seattle U was so amazing, and I wish them only good things in their future side-by-side.

Erin Crittenden & Jason Shook
         My cousin, Erin, married Jason Shook in an intimate ceremony in September. Congratulations and best wishes to Erin, who is one of the sweetest people I know, and her hubby as they plan for the arrival of their baby boy!

Maria Crittenden & Hunter Calloway
Maria & Hunter
         My second-cousin, Maria, and Hunter were married on August 6th in Virginia. I was so happy to reunite with Maria before she got married since we had fun exchanging wedding plans before our big days (or really DAY since we had the same wedding date!) Congratulations to Maria and Hunter – I cannot think of a more adorable couple.

Ashleigh Darnell & Gustavo Ruiz
         Congratulations to one of my best friends from middle school, Ashleigh Darnell, who married Gustavo Ruiz in March. They now have an adorable little boy named Diego, who is just too cute for words! I cannot wait to see how Ashleigh, who has always been the personification of love and warmth, and her hubby raise their adorable baby boy!

Katie Crittenden & Brandon Morris
Me & My Hubby
         Let’s not forget my favorite married couple of the year (no offense to anyone else – I’m clearly biased)! After Brandon and I got married, the question that everyone had for us was “How’s married life?” Our answer was always the same: “Exactly the same as it was before.” Having lived together for three years before our wedding, it felt like we had been married for years already. However, after some much-needed reflection, I realized that our outlooks had changed. Before, everything was leading up to the wedding, and now, what’s in front of us is our lives together and whatever else gets thrown our way.

Bottom Line: 2011 was a great year for love, but I can’t wait to see what 2012 has to offer! Happy New Year to all readers of The “I Do” Guru, and to the newlyweds of 2011.

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  1. Yay! What a great message to wrap up a great 2011! I love your posts!