Monday, April 23, 2012

The Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut
Before the engagement begins, the couple has a big (fun, glamorous, pricey) decision to make – choosing an engagement ring! The engagement ring represents not only the couple’s commitment to one another, but also can be symbolic of the couple’s relationship and personalities. Here are what the eight most common ring shapes say about the ladies who wear them…
  • Round: The round diamond ring is by far the most popular, and shows that the couple is classic and isn't worried about branding their relationship. The couple that chooses a round diamond is happy being who they are.
  • Oval: This cut came about in the 1960’s, so it not only carries a feel for the vintage but also for the mod – it’s a twist on the classic round cut, and shows the ring’s brilliance in a new way. The oval diamond shows that the couple wants to prove to themselves what marriage is, instead of taking others’ word for it.
  • Princess (or square): The name says it all… Due to the way a princess ring is cut, even smaller diamonds pick up the light in an incomparable way.  Princess cuts are great for ladies (like me) who love shiny things...
  • Emerald (or rectangle): Unlike the princess cut, the emerald cut will not pick up a great deal of light unless the cut is absolutely perfect. This is why wearing an emerald cut can represent the desire to own the highest-quality goods. The fiancé who gives his bride an emerald cut diamond ring only wants the best for his wife.
  • Cushion: A mix of the princess and round cuts, the girl with a cushion cut is original and glamorous. The man who gives the ring loves her just the way she is.
  • Pear: A combination of a round and marquise diamond, this cut picks up the light with a unique shape. Girls who wear pear shapes dare to be different – they are naturally independent, but have bent their rules on committing for this one person.
  • Marquise: As one of the oldest cuts of ring, the marquise shows a feel of vintage and reinventing traditions. The wearer of a marquise diamond is confident in herself and her relationship.
  • Heart: Cheesy romantic, and not afraid of showing it off! This is the couple whose PDA makes others gag. If you wear a heart-shaped ring, just keep telling yourself what you always have: they’re just jealous (and they probably are).

Marquise - french for "little boat"
Bottom Line: Above all, the engagement ring symbolizes your love, support, and commitment. These sparklers say something different to every person, but they are defined by your relationship. To the ladies: if you have a strong preference (and you know that a big question is coming up), share it with the important ladies in yours and your boyfriend’s lives or (if it’s not a surprise) go ring shopping with him. To the guys: don’t be nervous that she won’t like the ring – she’s gonna love it before you even open the box.

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